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How to Join:


The Group are always on the look out for new members. If you have an interest in history, especially the World War II era, are able to give up some of your weekends and would like to make new friends, why not join?

There are no regular meetings, although the group do meet up informally outside of events. All that they ask is that you provide yourself with a uniform - guidance can be given on what to get and where and some members might be able to help you out with a temporary outfit whilst you are organising your own. The membership fee is 25 a year, which registers you as a member of the group and also provides you with public liability insurance cover whilst you are operating as a member. Members join initially for a probationary first year, but assuming that you do nothing to put the reputation of the group into disrepute, your membership is confirmed in the following year.

If you would like more details of membership please contact Beryl Furey-King for information.





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