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Photos are usually taken by members of the group whilst the events are taking place, but special thanks should go to Robert Baker for the photographs of the St James Park Living Museum.


90 cm in Bristol
Sgts F-K
ATS Private
Chevy 15 cwt
Ford Bofors Tractor
Searchlight detatchment display
Bofors on veterans day in Bristol
Harley Davidson WLC
ME 109 at Bitton Railway
Classic Bike Show 2008
Casualty Clearing Station at Ver sur Mer
Sgt and 90 cm searchlight
Field Hygiene Section
Casualty Clearing Station
Classic Bike Show - Shepton Mallet 2009
Film set for Atonement
The Bofors at Redcar (for Atonement)
Extras at a break in shooting Atonement
Taking the set apart ...
Twilight Patrol Preparing for Duty Expose! Lighting up the sky at Aldbourne
Action in PJs Light in the darkness Dead-eye Dave and Eagle-eyed Ed Take post
Waiting for Prince Charles' Inspection Yummy-Jam! HRH ready to fire! Ready for Action?
Command Post Bofors Friends of the A.T.S. girls
Spotterscope on display F.W.D. & Bofors Scout
Camp F.W.D. Cookhouse ATS
Target practice ME109 ... to the distance Shooting Targets
Tea Break On patrol Austin 10 In contemplation ...
Old Serum Churchill arrives Kirby Hall 2002 On Guard
Back of the GMC ATS Shooting Practice 25lb Transport
A kiss Steam 2002 CC41 Shooting
Bofors Bofors Steam 2002 Steam 2002
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