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Ack Ack Living History offers several different areas of historical interpretation within World War II.

The Searchlight element is the main stay of Ack Ack Living History. The group has several vehicles and specialist equipment including two working 90 cm Searchlights. WWII is the only period of military history where women were conscripted into service and the group is proud to be able to portray some of the roles that women undertook.

The group also own dispatch motorcycles, a BSA WC11, a WLC Harley Davidson, and a Royal Enfield Flying Flea. These are used in Royal Signals displays, but are also used as part of a Field Hygiene and Casualty Clearing Station display. This is enhanced by a Chevy Field Ambulance.

The group are also able to offer ciivilian displays eg 'Make do and Mend' and rationing.

The group is happy to help Schools in their interpretation of Key Stage 2 and are willing to make visits to interested groups.

Past events have included:

  • taking part in the official 60th Anniversary of VE / VJ Day in London as part of the Living Museum in St James' Park from 4th to 10th July 2005
  • five years of work with the Ministry of Defence at the Fairford International Airshow
  • working with ATS veterans
  • displaying for Bristol City Council
  • working with the Military Vehicle Trust
  • working with English Heritage
  • various railway events
  • various museums in the South West
  • working with the Normandy veterans in France
  • Various Films and Documentaries such as;
      • Atonement - a big budget movie released in August 2007
      • War Stories - a BBC documentary broadcast in June 2006
      • Battlefield Detectives - a documentary made by Granada TV
      • 10 Days to D-Day - a movie made for TV and broadcast in 2005
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